How to use a Game Capture Card

Game capture cards are designed to make it possible for gamers to stream and record their gaming journeys and share these memories with friends and fellow gamers. However, the game capture card only plays this role if one is using at least two PCs. This is because this card is designed to act as an input data receiver so that the signal moves from your gaming PC to your streaming PC. Capture cards also save you a whole lot of money you would otherwise spend on equipment to record your video game footage. The following steps will guide you on how to use a game capture card to record video game footage from your console directly to your computer for editing.

Step 1: Plug in video output cable for the console

The commonly used cables for gaming are RCA cables and the video output cable normally comes in a yellow jack pin. Plug in the video output cable to your console and position your console on its stand.

Step 2: Connect the console output cable to the game card input cable

Once you have your console standing in position, you now need to plug in the corresponding three colors (white, red and yellow) of the console cable output to the game capture card input sockets. You may notice an extra black socket from the game capture card which is basically an S-Video input but it’s not necessary in this case.

Step 3: Connect the capture card output USB cable to your computer’s input

Now that you have connected the console’s output to the game capture card’s input, you need to connect the device to your computer. You do this by connecting the USB cable from your capture card to your computer’s USB port. As soon as you connect the USB cable to your computer you will get a sound confirming this connection and your capture card will show a red light meaning that you are now ready to begin recording your video footage from your console to your computer.

Step 4: Set up your capture card software on your computer

Install the capture card software and make sure that the console user interface shows up on the screen and that the video and sound are working perfectly. Now you need to right-click on the console interface and click on “setup” to adjust your picture output on brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and sharpness. On the “record” tab, you need to make sure that you select the highest quality recording setting which is mostly “DVD”. Click “OK” once you’re done making the setting adjustments and you will be ready to record!

Step 5: Begin recording

To begin recording your game footage, you simply need to click the “record” button on the screen or simply press the button on your game capture card and a white light will flicker to signal that the recording has started. Press the same button or click on the “stop” button on the screen to stop recording. Once you’re done recording you can now close the console’s menu and go to the location you saved your work to preview your recording.

You also need to make sure that the capture card you purchase is compatible with your Operating System because some cards are designed to work on Windows PCs only while others can work in both Windows and MAC OS.

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